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Customer Success History: Grupo Nós

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Client Background: Grupo Nós is a leading retail company that experienced significant challenges following the implementation of the Oracle Retail system and rapid growth in the number of stores. These obstacles affected data extraction and analysis, leading to delays and hindrances in decision-making processes.

Challenges Faced:

  1. Slow data extraction: The previous data extraction process took several hours, causing operational delays and hindering timely decision-making.

  2. Data accuracy and integrity: Updates made in the Oracle Retail system were not reflected in the database immediately, leading to inconsistencies and potential inaccuracies in data analysis.

  3. Scalability issues: The explosive growth in the number of stores posed challenges in handling and processing large volumes of data efficiently.

Solution Implemented: To overcome these challenges, Grupo Nós implemented Oracle GoldenGate, a real-time data replication solution. The following configuration and benefits were achieved:

  1. Real-time data replication: Oracle GoldenGate was configured to capture data generated by the Oracle Retail system and transmit it instantly to the Oracle Autonomous Database. This eliminated the need for manual extraction and ensured real-time availability of data for analysis and decision-making.

  2. Enhanced data accuracy and integrity: With Oracle GoldenGate, updates made in the Oracle Retail system were immediately replicated to the Oracle Autonomous Database. This ensured that the data was always up to date and consistent, providing accurate insights for decision-making.

  3. Scalability and performance optimization: Oracle GoldenGate efficiently handled the increasing volume of data generated by the growing number of stores. It optimized hardware resources and maintained fast and reliable performance throughout the data replication process, supporting Grupo Nós' scalability needs.

Results and Benefits: The implementation of Oracle GoldenGate yielded the following outcomes for Grupo Nós:

  1. Improved operational efficiency: The real-time data replication significantly reduced the time required for data extraction. This eliminated operational delays and allowed Grupo Nós to access updated information promptly, enabling faster and more informed decision-making.

  2. Enhanced data accuracy: With immediate data replication, Grupo Nós had access to consistently updated data in the Oracle Autonomous Database. This increased the accuracy and reliability of data used for analysis, reporting, and decision-making processes.

  3. Scalable solution for growth: Oracle GoldenGate effectively handled the rapid growth in the number of stores, ensuring seamless data replication and maintaining performance even with large data volumes. It provided a scalable solution to support Grupo Nós' expanding operations.

Conclusion: The successful implementation of Oracle GoldenGate by Grupo Nós addressed the challenges posed by the Oracle Retail system implementation and rapid store growth. The solution enabled faster and more reliable data extraction, ensured data accuracy and integrity, and supported the company's scalability needs. Grupo Nós experienced improved operational efficiency, accurate data insights, and a reliable infrastructure to support its ongoing growth and success.

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