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We are an AWS Select partner


After fulfilling all the requirements requested by AWS in the specialized partner program, APN, we obtained the SELECT partner seal, thanks to the support and participation of our entire team of technical professionals, commercial, partners and the AWS team (APN).< /p>

Datacosmos already has great experience in executing projects on AWS and has been managing environments for several customers. The partnership with AWS is strategic and this seal attests to our commitment to quality, continuous search for technical training and innovation" , said Rodrigo Salviatto, Commercial Director.

When a client chooses a consulting firm, an AWS partner, such as DATACOSMOS, to conduct various Cloud infrastructure projects, they have a company with extensive experience in various Cloud projects, in addition to a high-level, qualified and experienced technical team to execute your project with the maximum quality.

To learn more, contact our sales team - and request a quote!

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