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How to measure network latency between major cloud providers?

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Many customers ask us about possible performance problems in the communication between the on-premises infrastructure and the Cloud providers in a Moving to cloud project.

The distance between on-premises datacenter and the cloud region you want to use is not solely responsible for latency delays, but the number of hops, intermediate routers and other infrastructure factors also contribute to lower performance latency.

It is known that all the largest Cloud providers already have a datacenter in Brazil (regions) which minimizes the latency problem.

So that you can perform a latency test, we have listed some of the main free tools to evaluate the communication between your infrastructure and the Cloud provider:



Google Cloud



There are several other tools available for free on the internet, to perform quick validations on the latency of your network between Cloud providers.

Before any decision is made, we recommend carrying out massive tests and at different times so that you can have an optimal experience in your Moving to Cloud project.

And if even so, you still get an unsatisfactory result, talk to us so that we can present dedicated network solutions that will certainly mitigate network latency problems.

To learn more, talk to one of our specialists – or +55(11) 97099-7434.

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