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DATACOSMOS, your new technology services partner

We partner with the world's leading cloud providers:

and we can support them in an advisory and technical way in various projects such as:

  • moving to cloud

  • Setup of new Cloud services

  • cloud infrastructure upgrade

  • Implementation of monitoring and development of dashboards related to infrastructure and business (observability)

  • On call 24x7 cloud, infrastructure and database

  • Implementation of backup solutions

  • Implementation of infrastructure focused on Disaster Recovery

  • Punctual consulting (on demand) and according to your business and needs

As for the database area, we also work with database projects such as:

  • database upgrade

  • database migration

  • Implementation of database security tools

  • Infrastructure and database diagnostics

  • Database installation

  • Consulting specializing in database performance improvement

  • Implementing database monitoring

  • 24x7 on-call database

  • Implementation of database backup solutions

  • Infrastructure implementation focused on Database Disaster Recovery, maximizing the availability of your systems

  • One-off consulting (on-demand) specializing in database

We have professionals specialized in infrastructure and databases with experience in the most diverse ERPs in the market, such as:

  • Oracle EBS

  • Oracle Sound Suite

  • totvs

  • Senior Systems

  • SAP

  • winthor

  • MV Systems

  • and much more

Get in touch with our commercial team now and request a quote. or Whatsapp: +55 1 1 97099-7434

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